The launcher for digital wellbeing.
Over 50,000 installs.

Clean interface. Clear focus.

Designed to give you back control and minimize compulsive screen time.

Lightning fast smart search.

Battery optimization.

Built-in calculator. Wow.

Simple voice commands, even offline.

Use basic voice commands to search the web, open apps, access contacts, navigate, and more. Currently works only in English.
  • Call Mark.
  • Search for the best goulash recipe.
  • Navigate to the hospital.
Tap the "Search" on your keyboard to activate voice commands.

Combat the overwhelming clutter of your homepage and give your attention span a break with the minimalist interface of Sentien Launcher. Focus on what’s most important to you as you limit your screen time.


Personalize your experience with Sentien Launcher with customizable features like wallpaper support and color schemes. Organize your apps with tags to make searches even quicker. Prioritize your time by setting up the notifications you want to receive.


Inspired by Humanetech’s principles, Sentien seeks to deliver a more humane way for people to connect to and use technology. Sentien Launcher implements those principles to bring Android users everywhere a tool for better digital wellbeing.

Sentien Launcher is an experiment by the team behind Sentien Audio, the world's first all-day seamless audio interface.

Total privacy. No tracking.

We believe in openness, privacy, and 100% data ownership. Sentien's mission is to make communication between people and computers more personal, more efficient, and less distracting. Privacy and digital wellbeing are ingrained into everything we do here at Sentien. We believe these core values are in the best interest of all of us, for a better future.
Minimal required permissions
Zero shared data
Privacy-focused search engine
Open-Source *
  • Sentien Launcher is NOT tracking, sharing, storing, or collecting any data outside of your device. It has access to incoming phone calls to automatically update your call history. This is optional, and disabled by default.
  • Although it requires permission to access Contacts to let you search through your contacts, nothing is stored or sent from the device.
  • Sentien Launcher requires permission to access the Phone app to let you call your contacts, but will never do so unless you explicitly ask it to.
  • It also requires permission to access the Microphone, which is used for voice commands. This is not active by default and data is not sent outside of the device.
  • Sentien Launcher endorses privacy by default by preselecting pro-privacy search engines and other services.

* Based on the amazing KISS Launcher

Get more done.

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