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Sentien Audio - the first all-day audio interface.

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Stay aware, stay safe.

Bone conduction technology leaves your ears open

Enjoy crystal clear phone calls.

2x top quality microphones

Keep your hands free.

Instant voice assistant access

Improve your focus.

Seamless use, minimal attention required

Use it all day.

Lightweight and adjustable

Forget you’re wearing it.

Lightweight, adjustable, ergonomic fit
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Customize your experience.

Set up your own touch and gesture controls with the Sentien Connect app.

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Crystal clear sound, anywhere you go.

Listen to the best microphones you can get.




Voice Assistant


Speak Notifications


Perfect for all day.

Video calling

Bone conduction technology.

Sentien Audio conducts sound through the cheekbones directly to your inner ear, leaving your ears open so you can stay aware of your environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sentien Audio conducts sound through the cheekbones directly to your inner ear, leaving you free to hear the world around you. Learn more on our blog.
No, we engineered Sentien Audio to minimize sound leakage and deliver a private listening experience.
Yes. Sentien Audio utilizes two highly sensitive microphones to achieve the best possible call quality.
If the hearing loss is due to a damaged eardrum and the cochlea is healthy, bone conduction audio can be a solution.
We will send you an email to confirm your current shipping address a few weeks before shipment. This will ensure that your Sentien Audio is shipped to the correct address.
Yes. Sentien Audio is covered by a two-year warranty.
Yes. You can connect your Sentien Audio to any Bluetooth compatible device via Bluetooth. Sentien App works with Android version 6.0 and above and iOS version 12 and above.
Yes, you can comfortably wear Sentien Audio with glasses, a bike helmet, or hat.

Meet our Team.

Imrich Valach
Darek Zahalka
Elizabeth Windsor

About us.

Sentien began with a simple idea: There is a more natural and personal way to connect to our technology while staying connected to each other. A seamless connection that lets us use our everyday tech more efficiently, with fewer distractions.

In 2016, Imrich began a research project to explore solutions to create that seamless connection. Over the next three years, he researched, tested, wore bone conduction headphones every day, and found other people to work with. The research project turned into Sentien Audio, and in 2019, Imrich and Peter officially founded Sentien.

Sentien Audio is a brand new interface that will seamlessly connect you to multiple devices through customizable voice, touch, and gesture controls. Tune in to the digital world without tuning out of your surroundings. Join the waitlist now to be the first to know when Sentien Audio launches.

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Sentien Android Launcher
Latest experiment
Can a minimalist interface increase the speed and efficiency of our daily smartphone interactions? We spent a weekend building a minimalist Android launcher to find out.

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