Absolutely new experience.

Discover Sentien Audio, the first all-day audio headset that leaves your ears open.

Shipping to the US & EU in Summer 2020
Early bird price + free shipping
Shipping to the US & EU in Summer 2020

Hear the world around you.

Sentien Audio conducts sound through the cheekbones directly to your inner ear, leaving your ears open so you can stay aware of your environment.

Open ears

Bone conduction technology

Fits all sizes

Ergonomic design

AI Assistant always available.

Instant access to Alexa, Siri or any other assistant, privately and on the go.

Voice enabled

Two top quality microphones

Privacy & Control

Only you can hear it

Comfortable use all day.

Switch between calls, music, podcasts, or your AI assistant… or have a conversation with a friend - no need to take it off. Sentien Audio blends into your day so seamlessly that you may just forget that you’re wearing it.


10+ hours battery life


Wireless via Bluetooth 5

Workout friendly

Sweat resistant

Clear calls

Active noise cancellation

sentien headset from side

Customize your experience.

Add different actions to touch controls and choose which notifications you want to hear. And create your seamless experience.


Touch controls & App

apple logo android logo

sentien mobile app

Tech Specs

Bone-conduction technology

Configurable touch controls

10+ hours battery life

Active noise cancellation

USB-C charging

Bluetooth 5

Sweat resistant

Works with iOS, Android, PC & Mac

Frequently Asked Questions

Sentien Audio conducts sound through the cheekbones directly to your inner ear, leaving you free to hear the world around you.
No, we engineered Sentien Audio to minimize sound leakage and deliver a private listening experience.
Yes. Sentien Audio utilises 2 highly sensitive microphones to achieve the best possible call quality.
If the hearing loss is due to a damaged eardrum and the cochlea is healthy, bone conduction audio can be a solution.
Sentien Audio is expected to ship in Summer 2020.
We will send you an email to confirm your current shipping address a few weeks before shipment. This will ensure that your Sentien Audio is shipped to the correct address.
Yes. Sentien Audio is covered by a two-year warranty.
Yes. You can connect your Sentien Audio to any Bluetooth compatible device via Bluetooth. Sentien App works with Android version 6.0 and above and iOS version 12 and above.

About us.

We believe there is a more natural and personal way to interact with technology and with each other. Interaction that is efficient and less distracting, without sacrificing either our human or digital well-being. Our mission is to create solutions that bring us closer to establishing a seamless link between people and technology.

We have a long way to go before we reach the ultimate goal of interacting with technology by simply thinking. Today, we are taking a step closer to that reality with Sentien Audio providing instantaneous access to multiple audio functions at a single touch or word.

Sentien Audio sits comfortably over your ears and conducts sound directly to your inner ear. It leaves your outer ear open, allowing you to hear your surroundings. Sentien Audio is always available, so the functionality you’re looking for to fit your daily needs is instantly accessible.

It’s time for a change!

Developers, designers, and creative minds - join us and become part of the future where we utilize interaction with computer technology to its fullest potential.

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