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Your superpowers are coming soon.

Be among the first in the world to get your Sentien Audio open-ear headset. Less than 1,000 left!
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Wearing Sentien Audio brings you amazing feeling!
Magic Feeling

Time for something extraordinary.

Sentien Audio is an all-day wearable open-ear headset. Control your device through tap, gesture, and voice controls—all on Sentien Audio. The perfect meld of offline and online realities.

Sentien Audio show
Bone Conduction

You ain’t heard nothing yet.

Bone conduction technology sends audio directly to your inner ear, and serotonin straight to your brain. You don't just hear your music like you're at a concert--you feel it in your bones. Learn more on our blog →

Sentien Audio stands for absolute Privacy
Absolute Privacy

Nobody’s gonna know…

... that you're listening to Rammstein's 'Du Hast' on repeat at the office. You're the only one who can hear it, whether you’re waiting for the subway or carpooling home.

Sentien Audio got amazing audio quality
Marvelous Audio Quality

Clear calls. Anywhere you are.

Even if you're working from home, Sentien Audio's noise-cancelling microphones make your Zoom meeting feel like you're face to face. Minus your barking dog.

Wireless Comfort

Fit’s guaranteed.

You’ll feel the difference the first time you slide Sentien Audio into place. One quick adjustment to the titanium band, and the ergonomic design will make it seem like the headset vanished.

Sentien Audio got superpower
All-day battery

You won’t stop the music.

Over 10 hours of continuous playback of your favorite heavy metal playlist. Or make one charge last for days with normal use.

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Transform your experience.

You can customize the commands you want to use in the Sentien Connect app. Upgrade Sentien Audio with new functions and continuous improvements.

Instant. Efficient.

Music Voice Assistant Apps & Notifications
Calls Podcasts Audiobooks
Sentien Audio is build from first principles.

Form follows function.
Built from first principles.

Learn about our design process →

Intelligent assistant

Stay connected from anywhere.

Now your voice assistant goes with you everywhere for instant access as natural as a conversation.

Like a wristwatch, Sentien Audio is always there when you need it.

Tech Specs

Exceptional in every detail.

Sentien Audio is going to be soon on Kickstarter!
24± hour battery Ergonomic titanium frame Adjustable to all heads 2x Top noise-cancelling microphones iOS / Android compatible
Bluetooth 5 2x Touchpads Water resistant Weight only 1.05 oz (30 grams) USB-C Charger (included!)

Questions & answers.

Sentien Audio conducts sound through the cheekbones directly to your inner ear, leaving you free to hear the world around you. Learn more on our blog.
No, we engineered Sentien Audio to minimize sound leakage and deliver a private listening experience.
Yes. Sentien Audio has two highly sensitive noise-cancelling microphones for the best possible call quality.
Yes, you can comfortably wear Sentien Audio with glasses, a bike helmet, or hat.
Yes, you can still hear your music over ambient sounds.
You can connect your Sentien Audio to any Bluetooth compatible device. Sentien Connect works with Android version 6.0 and above and iOS version 12 and above.
If the hearing loss is due to a damaged eardrum and the cochlea is healthy, bone conduction technology can be a solution.
From Prague with Love

Nice to meet you!

We're spending thousands of man-hours on Sentien Audio, so there's no time for a group photo.

Imrich Imrich CEO
Elizabeth Elizabeth Content
Darek Darek Design
Peter Peter Software
Radovan Radovan Marketing
Philipp Philipp Electronics

What to do with life? What are the biggest challenges we face as humans? Human-computer interaction is one of the biggest, yet least-known challenges. There is a more natural and personal way to interact with technology and with each other. Efficient and less distracting interaction that doesn’t sacrifice our human or digital well-being.

At Sentien, we’ve spent years researching ergonomics, audio mechanics, health, use cases, and information theory. We’ve worn most open ear headsets all day, every day, and run all kinds of experiments to find that ideal interaction. We took our in-depth understanding of the problems and limitations and implemented everything into the best possible solution: Sentien Audio and the Sentien Connect app.

There's a long way to go before we reach the ultimate goal of interacting with technology by simply thinking. Today, we at Sentien are taking a step closer to that goal by building ready-to-use solutions.