Sentien Audio - Your new superpower.

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5 star review
“I wear it all day and turn it on/off as needed without constantly taking out and hiding the headphones; I love it.”
Tomas G.
5 star review
“After unpacking my headset and adjusting it to the size of my head, the fit is good. It sits well, doesn’t press anywhere, and it’s comfortable to wear. The design is cool.”
5 star review
“I received my Sentien ... they are AWESOME”
Tomas J.

Sentien Audio is your
new superpower.

Like a smartwatch
for your ears.

Merging offline
and online reality.

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Why Sentien Audio?

Closely connected with open ears.

Listen to your friend AND your favorite playlist without missing a beat.

Adjust. Wear. Wow.

All day on one charge.

A headset that can outlast your longest Zoom meeting (with zero ear fatigue).

Clear calls anywhere.

Weightless, comfortable, all day.

Play that funky music.

Your favorite playlist just became the soundtrack to your life. Add an audio layer anywhere you go for an unreal experience.

An app-solutely transforming experience.

Customize up to 12 touch/gesture controls. Over-the-air firmware updates bring you new features and upgrades long after you’ve purchased.

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Sentien Connect app showcase

"I kinda love this thing!" - CNET

Tech Specs.

  • Integrated lithium polymer battery
  • 3x the power savings of previous gen Wireless chips
  • Fully charged in 60 minutes via USB-C
  • Special NiTi alloy with an exact percentage of materials to achieve superelastic properties
  • Wire shaped at 932F / 500C
  • RF shielded, high performance and low power MEMS microphones
  • SNR = 64.5dB(A)
  • Low distortion of 2.2% at 115dB SPL
  • Low current consumption of 230uA in low power mode
Wireless 5.0
  • Ultra small and low power 32-bit Qualcomm chip in VFBGA package
  • Tri-core processing dual-mode Wireless 5.0
  • Kalimba DSP core with flexible clocking from 2 MHz to 120 MHZ
  • 100% configurable and customizable via the Sentien Connect app
  • OS-Independent seamless dual device connection
  • Over-the-air updates
  • iOS/Android compatible
  • Proprietary adjustment system developed internally by Sentien
  • Specialized ergonomic design
  • The only adjustable bone conduction headset in the world
Physical specifications
  • 10mm low distortion dynamic driver
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz—20,000 Hz
  • Max volume: 108 dB
  • Low power on-chip gesture recognition with custom FCB touch surface (>200 reports per second)
WEIGHT ONLY 1.05oz (30 grams)
  • 9.7798g of plastics + 2.5432g of NiTi+
  • 2.6468g of cables + 14.8475g of electronics

Frequently asked questions.

How does bone conduction work?

Sentien Audio conducts sound through the cheekbones directly to your inner ear, leaving you free to hear the world around you. Learn more on our blog.

Can others hear your music or calls?

We engineered Sentien Audio to minimize sound leakage and deliver a private listening experience.

Can I make calls with Sentien Audio?

Yes. Sentien Audio has two highly sensitive noise-canceling microphones for the best possible call quality.

Can I wear Sentien Audio with glasses?

Yes, you can comfortably wear Sentien Audio with glasses, a bike helmet, or hat.

What devices can I connect Sentien Audio to?

You can connect your Sentien Audio to any wireless-compatible device, with two active connections. Sentien Connect works with Android version 6.0 and above and iOS version 12 and above.

Can those with hearing loss benefit from Sentien Audio?

If the hearing loss is due to a damaged eardrum and the cochlea and auditory nerves are healthy, bone conduction technology can be a solution.

What countries do you ship to?

View the countries we ship to here.

What's your return policy?

You have 14 days to return your Sentien Audio. Please consult our Return Policy for more information.

Hello from the Sentien Team.

Human-computer interaction is one of the biggest challenges we face as humans. We need a more natural and personal way to interact with technology and with each other without sacrificing our personal and digital well-being.

At Sentien, we’ve spent years researching ergonomics, audio mechanics, health, use cases, and information theory. We’ve worn most open-ear headsets all day, every day, and run all kinds of experiments to find the ideal interaction.

We took our in-depth understanding of the problems and limitations and implemented everything into the best possible solution: Sentien Audio and the Sentien Connect app.

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