Seamless interaction is Sentien Audio.

The first all-day wearable audio headset with an ergonomic design and bone conduction technology. Experience the new audio interface that makes communication effortless, faster, and non-distracting.

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Unique feeling.

Sentien Audio conducts sound through the cheekbones directly to your inner ear, leaving you free to hear the world around you.

Communicate and connect through one device.

Switch between different activities seamlessly. Connect with your favorite AI assistant, receive ambient notifications, or make a quick call while keeping your hands free. Anytime.

Sentien App - customize your experience.

Adjust Sentien Audio. Add different actions to touch gestures. Choose which notifications you want to hear. And create your seamless experience.

Relax or stay active.

Enjoy your free time in maximum comfort with Sentien Audio's ergonomic design. Listen to your favorite music, audiobook, or podcast while winding down or working out.

About us.

We believe there is a more natural and personal way to interact with technology and with each other. Interaction that is efficient and less distracting, without costing our digital well being. Our mission is to create solutions that bring us closer to establishing a seamless link between people and technology.

We have a long way to go before we reach the ultimate goal of interacting with technology by simply thinking. Today, we are taking a step closer to that reality with Sentien Audio - the first all-day wearable audio headset.

Sentien Audio sits comfortably on your cheekbones and conducts sound directly to your inner ear. It leaves your outer ear open, allowing you to hear your surroundings. Sentien Audio is always accessible and has the functionality you’re looking for to fit your daily needs.

We are currently at the development stage and plan to bring you the experience of comfortable, seamless interaction in Summer 2020.

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